Media Propaganda Techniques

Use the word “audit” to refer to a “recount”. An audit is deep, a recount counts the same ballots they already counted, defects of fraud included. Ignoring fraud and just counting

Use the word “widespread” when there is no claim of being widespread. The claim is “targeted on the swing area’s. It’s also a word for the receiver of information to decide after goven accurate information. “… there are X numbers of fraud…” then viewer decides

Thinking Past the Sale: “…refused to concede…” doesn’t address the question on whether there is voting is fair. Biden refuses to concede too, despite all the allegations of fraud.

Bad analogy fear persuasion: Giuliani press conference compared to McCarthy. McCarthy didn’t have evidence Giulianni does. Gulianni has sworn statements and McCarthy didn’t. 2) Trump’s a racist because he’s challenging areas with high black population. Is that his fault for having data that says these places have questions?

Because evidence hasn’t been presented to the court media says there is no evidence

It would be obvious if it were true: It is obvious to many

We should listen to the experts: Giulianni is an expert on organized crime techniques and mayor of NY City. Sidney Powell was a prosecutes and quite to defend corruption. Linn Wood is a defamation attorney

No expert presented to defend the fraud in these cities