What They Said About Lockdowns Before 2020

Source: What They Said About Lockdowns Before 2020 | ZeroHedge


WHO report 2019

Fauci Jan 2020 Lockdowns not effective

WHO acknowledges social-distancing did not stop or dramatically reduce transmission 

study in the Bulletin of Mathematical Biology

opponent of the Great Barrington Declaration, argued that quarantines do not work

travel restrictions did not delay the transmission of SARS

encounters ‘self-protection fatigue’ in simulated epidemic

Johns Hopkins epidemiologists reject quarantines outright

explain the conditions when quarantine would be effective, which do not align with the characteristics of Covid-19

delaying infection can leave the elderly worse off.

Johns Hopkins scholars say quarantines don’t work but are pursued for political reasons

Bidens new Covid advisor

800 medical specialist letter to Pence

Cost of Lockdowns